Cake Maid by Catherine

Information and FAQs

Special Dietary Requirements

I can cater for most allergies except nut-free. Please note that all my cakes are made in a kitchen that works with dairy, gluten, eggs and nuts. Even if your chosen cake flavour does not include the allergen, traces of these products are possible. Therefore my cakes would not be suitable for someone with a serious allergy.

Gluten-free - I can supply gluten-free cakes in a variety of flavours. Please note: All ingredients are strictly gluten-free, however my kitchen does contain gluten products and so there could be traces of gluten on work surfaces, cake tins, etc, with this in mind, the cakes may not be suitable for someone with a serious allergy. This also applies to my dairy-free and egg-free cakes.

Dairy-free - a dairy-free butter substitute can be used.

Eggs-free - I can offer egg-free and/or vegan cakes

Nuts - unfortunately I can not supply nut-free cakes .

Booking and Payment

After meeting with you (or speaking with you over the phone),  I would send you a written quotation for your wedding cake. A non-refundable deposit of £95 will be required to reserve your wedding date to be paid via bank transfer. The balance will then be due 1 month in advance of your wedding day.

If you cancel for any reason, and let me know more than 6 months in advance your full deposit and any balance paid will be returned to you, if you cancel 6-3 months in advance, 50% of your deposit and any balance paid will be return. If you cancel, less than 3 months in advance your deposit will not be refunded. In the unlikely event I become ill or am unable to make your wedding cake, a full refund will be given with as much notice as possible.


I always deliver and set-up my wedding cakes on your special day. Local venues would be free of charge, venues further afield will have a delivery charge dependent on location.


Sugar items should not be refrigerated.

Please be aware that sugar flowers and models are NOT edible as they contain wires and supports within.

Cake Maid by Catherine cannot accept any responsibility for injury that may arise from the use of non edible items or cake jewellery on wedding cakes, it will be the responsibility of the client/venue to ensure these items are removed before serving.

Please be aware that some flowers are not suitable as a decoration for cakes, due to toxins or moisture damaging the icing, so it is always best to check with your florist.

Any amendments to the agreed cake design may be subject to additional cost.

Once the cake is set up at the venue, I am not responsible if someone else moves it or places it in an unsuitable location. I will of course set up in its final location whenever possible and ensure that everything is exactly as it should be before leaving.
Buttercream cakes are not advisable in hot venues such as marquees.

With outdoor venues, insects and other bugs are likely to enter so the choice to have a cake outside is at your own risk.

Questions I’m often asked

How long have you been making cakes?

Since 2009 as Cake Maid by Catherine, and for my family and friends a long time before that too. I went back to college to study sugar artistry and flowers in 2008 when I changed careers to work in cake making (getting distinctions in all courses) and haven’t looked back  :o)

Can I decorate a friend or family member’s own baked cake?

No, I’m sorry I don’t do this as I can’t vouch for the ingredients, how it’s been kept or it’s shelf life.

Can I make a cake flavour I haven’t mentioned on my cake menu?

Yes, I’m sure I can make your favourite flavour, I’d just need a little time to perfect it.

How much are my wedding cakes?

I have no set designs as each wedding cake is bespoke to you, so the price depends on a lot of different factors, such as the number of cake tiers, the number of guests (so I know how big/small the cake tiers should be), the cake’s covering, the cake flavours, and the complexity of the design. Please send me a photo/s of the type of design you love or a simple description (together with your venue and the number of guests you’d like to cater for) and I’ll be happy to send you my price :o)

You can also see my from prices on my website.

Have I made all these cakes and favours?

Yes absolutely, these are all made by myself.

Can I come and see you and do you offer samples?

Yes, once you have a wedding date booked and I’ve given you a quote that you’re happy with you and your partner are very welcome to come for a free, no-obligation cake tasting (by appointment only - we’d arrange a time that suits us all) and you can try some scrumptious cake flavours of your choice (chosen in advance so I can have them ready for you) and we’d discuss your wedding cake in depth. I’d email you a detailed full description of your wedding cake following your visit and if you wanted to book with me I’d ask for a £95 deposit to secure your date.

Can I post my cake samples to you?

No, I’m sorry I don’t offer this as I can’t guarantee how long the cake would take to get to you or the condition it would arrive in (cake sat in a hot delivery van for hours would not be nice).

When should I book my wedding cake with you?

Couples can book me 18 months in advance, although most usually book 6-12 months in advance. I usually only make one wedding cake per date (and have limited capacity per week) so really it’s a case of who asks me first as I do get booked up, especially in the Spring and Summer - and Autumn too now. However, I’ve also made cakes with only a few weeks notice, so please do ask as I may have availability for you.

Can I hire a cake stand from you?

Yes - I have a traditional silver base cake stand and a log slice cake stand. The hire would be £15 plus a £50 refundable deposit to be returned to you on it’s safe return. Once you had safely returned the stand back to me in a good condition, and within 5 days after the wedding, I would return the deposit. If you did not return the stand within 1 week, I reserve the right to withhold the full deposit.

I also have several cake separators and ornate cake knife which you’d be welcome to hire too.

How long will my wedding cake last?

All my cakes are baked and decorated with the intention of being eaten on your wedding day. After this date, it is eaten at your own risk as I cannot control it’s storage conditions which affect shelf life but it should be fine for 1-2 days. All my cakes freeze very nicely however for up to 3 months, (the icing will become sticky but still taste yummy). Traditional brandy fruit cake will keep for several months in an airtight cool dry place (not refrigerated).

Should our venue refrigerate our cake?

Please do not allow your venue to keep it chilled in a fridge as it will ruin the iced decorations or if it is a naked cake it could dry it out. I will set-it up and ideally it shouldn’t be moved.

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