Cake Maker, Handcrafted, Frimley Green, Fleet, Camberley and local areas.

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Cake Maker, Handcrafted, Frimley Green, Fleet, Camberley and local areas. Flavours & Prices


*  Classic iced vanilla sponge with scrumptious strawberry and vanilla buttercream filling or with salted caramel

*  Delicious iced lemon sponge with a lemon curd buttercream - you could combine this with elderflower

*  Nutty carrot cake full of walnut pieces

*  Iced traditional rich moist fruitcake

*  Decadent very chocolatey rich chocolate cake. Choose from a chocolate buttercream filling, fresh orange zest buttercream, mint buttercream, chocolate caramel or chocolate, morello cherry  & cherry brandy (giving a hint of Black Forest)

*  Indulgent white chocolate with raspberry and white chocolate buttercream, both full of green & blacks luxurious white chocolate

*  Scrumptious toffee cake with a caramel and vanilla buttercream filling

*  Beautiful chocolate and vanilla marble cake with chocolate buttercream filling

*  Summery coconut cake with a refreshing coconut and lime buttercream

*  Eye-catching red velvet cake with vanilla buttercream

*  Heavenly cookies and cream sponge with a delish cookies and cream buttercream

*  Delicate rose and vanilla cake

* Gluten-free - classic vanilla & strawberry, lemon, chocolate, toffee, chocolate (or with orange, salted caramel, mint or morello cherry), carrot cake with walnut pieces

* Vegan, dairy-free - Chocolate, chocolate orange, lemon, classic vanilla & strawberry

* Eggless only - As above and also chocolate with salted caramel, vanilla with salted caramel


Wedding Cake Tiers

1 tier from £85

2 tiers from £180

3 tiers from £265 (naked cakes from £240)

4 tiers from £330

5 tiers from £425

Mini Cakes from £8 each, (with a minimum order)


Prices from £2 each (with a minimum order)


From £2 each (with a minimum order).


Delivery and set-up is included if a local venue, otherwise a cost will be added dependant on location

Collection is by appointment only.

Here are a selection of some of my most popular flavours - if you have a favourite that I haven’t mentioned just let me know and I’m sure I can make it for you.

Please use these prices as a basic guide, starting with a simply designed cake.